All PG how many of you have had a really life mommy or dada
tell everyone about your really life time with your mommy or dada.
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i have a dada we have been together for 3 years now. he is very strong and forceful. a few of his rule are
1. i will always wear a diaper not a problem i need too.
2. when i'm told to go to my room that don't not mean his. he has a nursery.
3. he love to give me enemas he will take a butt plug that he pumps up in my bottom. then fill me up. i have to hold it until after im have my diaper back on. and he tell me its OK. if not he spank me and starts all over.
3. my dada likes to do other thing too but we keep that to our-self.
4. when im play babygirl for him im not to talk like a big girl at all.
5. sometime he has friend over im to be seen but not heard.

not a bad life if you can get it i love every min of my. he make me feel so special.
life is to short to stand in a line for the potty, diaper are for big girls too
luvs and kisses toddlerAnne
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I have several Dominant figures in my life, live with my primary Dominant, who is my Mommy, and have a "babysitter" who we recently had to move away from but who I hope to see again, and have had a few Mommies before.

I'd say about every other day is "babygirl" day, which includes diapers, plugs, outfits/make-up, crawling, sippies, binkies, babytalk, and cuffs.
In OUR house, good girls rim their Mommy and drink anything that they are given.

It is a very nice feeling.

I am happy for you!
I am sooooo incredibly lucky to have found my Goddess mommy. She is my best friend, lover, dom and soulmate.  We have been dating for almost 2 years and she has truly shown me what openness, love and intimacy are all about. We live 2 hours apart but i hope that  may change as soon as possible.  We are exploring the mommy solution program that Mistress Sebrina designed but my Goddess mommy has final say with everything.  I am so incredibly lucky to have found her.  She is truly the love of my life and I hope that our relationship will only continue growning deeper and more intimate.
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