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Picked up this great kit at a VS secret a little while back:

Now, although it does come with a list of contents, I'm just a little confused about some of them. Apparently the five lipsticks are in the compartment by the brushes, but how would you apply them from that pallette?

Similarly, does anyone have a good way to map out the exact contents here for someone with much less experience? Any application tips?

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I am not that experience with makeup either so this is just a guess. The 15 color to the left and right are eye shadow, the 10 colors to the side of the brush are all lipsticks, mascara over the brushes, below is two eyeliners or lipliners, brush is for blush or foundation, next brush is for lipstick, sponge brush for eye shadow, and looks like two brush repeat. Bottom looks like 4 blushes and three foundations.

After doing all that I used the link and see five of the 10 I said were lipstick are gloss. The only real difference is gloss doesn't last on the lips as long. From easiest to remove to hardest: Lipgloss, Lipstick, Lipstain. I would use youtube for makeup application tips.

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