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hiya girls
i'm just would like to know how you make a makeshift diaper/nappy because well there isn't anywere that i can get tp that will stock them and i figured this would be the best place to learn how to make a makeshift diaper and i don't have a clue on how to make one. thanks
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~*Christie Luv*~
Oh I've made lots of makeshift diapers before.   I've found this viddie very helpful:

what i like to do when i am out of diapers, is take a white plastic garbagde bag and stratically pook to hole out just above the bottom of the bag on each side, then i slowly slde my legs into the holes, his makes the plastic stretch and keep tight to your skin then i pull it on, then i tape it tight to my waste, it is amazing how much it holds, then i also take another bag and cut holes out for my head and arms and make a makeshift tank top/babydoll, the plastic feels so good and especially if you mysteriously make a little white stuff an dthe plastic slides around......sounds like a good idea now......
For a nice makeshift cloth diaper, microfiber baby blankets with a generous dusting of baby powder work well. Combine that with some sissy panties and will be set! 
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