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Hewwo everyone :3.

So I found this site while searching for a safe/sexy way to store cum, that's always a good way to experience new things on the Internet, right?

I love it so far and I had to make a profile. I am a semi-new but well broken in BDSM sub. who's niche seems to be sissy and ageplay. I am currently owned by a primary Domme, as well as a secondary "babysitter," but we are all polyamorous.

I am not a 24/7 sissy but could see it in my future with the right owner/s. I am very artistic and sometimes fantasize about being able to create from my own room in a poly house as a live-in sissy, but we'll see if that's where I end up.

I have serviced many men in my youth (I went to a boarding school for boys, so it was bound to happen) and as an adult, and identify as bisexual and bigendered. BDSM is not what defines me but it is a large part of me, and with the training I do have, I often find myself craving my butt plug and have grown very fond of the taste of cum, both of which being acquired traits.

I am mainly on here to meet other sisies and exchange ideas, as well as meeting new BDSM partners if the opportunity rears it's head.

So, my sissy name is Rachel and I am very happy to meet all of you!
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Welcome to Sissy Kiss.
welcome Rachel

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