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It follows Tasuku Yamano, a boy starting high school who just moved to the rural town Tokitakimi, and Honomi Morioka, a girl of high-status in his class who is allergic to falling in love (or specifically the endorphins released during love). There is a legend in the town which tells of a child born from a cherry blossom tree, but the child died before she could find love. A thousand years later, Tasuku and Honomi encounter the spirit of the cherry blossom, which is attempting to create another child. Tasuku and Honomi make a pact with the cherry blossom's spirit to teach the child all about love, and in exchange, the spirit will cure Honomi's allergy to love.

These are all rar files so you will need win rar or similar products

Volume 1:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 7:
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Are there any TG or AG elements?
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 Are there any TG or AG elements?  

Its a transgender love story more or less
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