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I have been alone for many months
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Time for a change of strategy. It seems that all the good men congregate somewhere else so maybe I will have better luck with the fairer sex. 


I have to be honest, I've never been in an actual romantic relationship with a woman before. I did the requisite "LUG" thing in college and loved it but there was always an unspoken agreement that it wasn't "real", and I sure do want real. I guess what I'm saying is that I would need to go slow for a little but, not least to make sure I'm not leading you on by creating expectations that I'm not certain I can live up to.


But if my kinks seem like your kinks then lets have coffee sometime and see what happens. Maybe we end up friends or FWBs or play partners or hell, maybe we end up being surprised at how right it all feels.


I'll leave my old profile below so you can have some insight in to the journey that let me here.





My old profile:


I spent the last 6 months getting over a long, fiery, passionate relationship with a submissive man. He came in to my life unexpectedly and forever changed who I am. I didn't know what BDSM was before I met him, but I sure know what is now and I can't live without it. He couldn't give me the things I need outside the bedroom and that's a shame because inside the bedroom, he helped me uncover a part of my sexuality that gives me the most incredible orgasms of my life.


So that brings me to today. Where do you go to find a submissive man? is too much like Facebook in that it's not really geared to meeting potential dates. A girlfriend warned me that the "alt-ernative" site was full of fakes so here I am. May the odds be ever in my favor.


Simply put, I'm seeking an attractive, successful single man, late twenties to early forties. If you live with your parents, don't have the self-control to maintain a healthy weight or have substance abuse issues, we aren't a good fit. You need to be self-aware, emotionally available and an excellent communicator. In a perfect world, you'll be all of the above plus be self-employed, never have married, have no children and practise yoga. A girl can dream.


Sexually, and this is a deal-breaker for me, you need to be submissive.  Not a "I'm a worthless scum-sucking loser" submissive, but a "I am powerful, happy and confident and I choose to submit myself to you" submissive. Submitting when you don't have any personal power is like writing a check when your account balance is zero.


While I will never indulge your kinks at your request, I will be making use of what turns you on to deepen your submission to me. To this end, it would be very helpful if your biggest kink was orgasm denial. This is my personal hot button so you'll be subjected to a lot of it, in a very intense way, for long, long periods of time. Be ready to accept the very real possibility that your penis will never feel the inside of a vagina again and that orgasms will be something that generally only other people have. I am undecided about having children, and that would be your only certain ejaculation for the rest of your life.


I envision a long happy life together where our Mistress/slave sexual dynamic deepens the emotional intimacy we share. 


Send me a long letter, baring your soul. Attach a full-body photo of yourself that's clear enough that I can see your eyes. They are the window to the soul, dontchaknow. No photo, no reply.

Be prepared for a long, slow courtship. I will take my time to thoroughly discover who you are outside the bedroom before I allow you into mine. 

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You sound like someone that needs to be on that most horrible site Fetlife.  That is where you will find the "submissive" your looking for.  Although to me that just means your looking for a loser in life.  Means you don't want anyone but a slave.  You don't want a real man.
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