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 Hello everyone!
I have been a sissy for all my life for the most part. I have both masculine and feminine energies and I don't deny either of them as they come about. 
I've wanted to change some things about me sexually and my Mistress is more than supportive of venturing into this (it turns her on quite a bit), but does anyone have experience making themselves into more of a premature ejaculator/hair trigger response to sexual stimulations?

So far I've been wearing diapers to weaken my kegels (not sure if this actually helps, I don't wear all the time as I have to go on work appointments and I don't want to commit to them on that level), and gone through periods of denial. After long periods of time, I don't last long, but that is a very temporary response.

I've also tried consistently applying creams to my penis, and that has aided in the sensitivity as well.
I'm looking for more of a training regime that may improve this effect even after a release after a denial period.

We've done a few tease and denial jerk off techniques that have assisted as well.
I'm also wondering if anyone has methods to increase pleasure from anal stimulation or ways to train anal orgasm or cumming from anal penetration.

I am susceptible to some hypnosis videos and have tried a few of them, but for it to work, female vocals work best. It's hard to find a good hypnosis file though because if they aren't recorded well, the gaps in vocals pull me out of the hypnotic state.
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Wearing diapers is good. Try lubricating
the frontal (penis) area thoroughly
with baby oil (lotion) or similar type
of slippery stuff - Vaseline maybe too
sticky until it's warms up.
After wearing the diapers thoroughly
soaked in the slippery ointments
remove the diaper and replace with a
rough Turkish type bath towel in that
frontal area covering with a tight fitting
For me this arouses a rough feeling
of masturbation especially if hand job
or belly humping is activated.
Think of it as smooth and rough -
hot and cold - self induced play. 
@ sissywanabe2
  so over time does that more permanently increase sensitivity? I'm a lite lost at the introduction of a Turkish/rough towel. I'm not allowed to self pleasure myself, so that may not be the best ending 😜
@ chackett87
no  idon't
@ roseveltmaxine
  Don't what?
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