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Hi there, I'm not sure what to say here so I'm just going to try and say everything as easily as I can. I'm 23 and 5'5 tall, I mostly enjoy women's lingerie but I do plan to buy dresses and other clothes when I have the money and privacy, I still live with my parents currently.

I've had an interest in girls underwear and clothes since I was very little, I remember one time when I was about 8 or 9 in the bathroom putting my older sisters school uniform on, an stealing her knickers, I got caught afew times and my mum has never said anything too me but I know she doesn't accept it.

During my teenage years I had a very small collection on knickers and a swimdress I stole from my secondary school, I wore them whenever I could. After leaving school and going to college I managed to get some more knickers while having a part time job, after college I got a data entry job and brought lots more knickers but also bras and managed to get myself a shapewear body. That job didn't work out and I got another one near the end of last year, an with that I got some more lingerie and a couple of skirts with my pay.

Anyways I have been recently looking into buying myself some disposable diapers and a CB6000 as I've had a fascination with diapers on girls and what they would feel like. The chastity comes in because recently I've been wondering what it would be like to not be able to touch myself when I wanted too, I have no partner to share this with, but I do have many ways to keep the key out of reach but safe from being loss so I won't be able to get it easily.

If anyone has any experience with how their first times were with either diapers and/or chastity devices, I would love to hear about them so I can get as much information as possible, I have been a good little sissy and have been looking into it myself on blogs etc, but having people here tell me their experiences would be wonderful. Much love to anyone who replies. XxX =]
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a sissybaby. I hope you enjoy the site!

Thank you Baby Butch, I've been visiting sissykiss for awhile, so I know I'll enjoy the site. =]
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