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I have been a member of Sissy Kiss for quite some time now, but I've always been too nervous and shy to post. I am a young gay man, and I consider myself quite a few things in the abdl/sissy/furry worlds,
First and foremost, I am an AB, and a Diaper/babyfur with some sissy tendencies, my male ab/babyfur/diaperfur name is Cole, and I sometimes have sissy tendencies as well, my sissy/female ab/babyfur/diaperfur name is Colette. I'm still kinda new to the whole sissy thing, and I haven't really thought about it much.
As for my Furry side, I've thought about that more than my sissy side. My fursona is a white tiger and instead of black stripes, his/her stripes are baby blue/pink depending on weather I'm in sissy mode at the time, he/she has blonde hair on his/her head, blue eyes, glasses, his/her age varies from about age 3 to age 19, and my fursona is incontinent, meaning he/she needs diapers 24/7.
I'm looking for sissy and possibly furry friends to talk to, please message me and add me as a friend
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A lot of us here are shy about things at first. Once you start posting you will find friends and enjoy yourself. Welcome to the site!

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