PG 13 long time away, back with new projects!!
it's been awhile since i've been here, but what i'm doing right now is awesome.
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HI everyone, i know i havent been active here in a very long time and am probably not very well remembered... but i'm trying to get back on more, as i've been seriously getting more and more of the urge for abdl play and have been acting on it by myself and would love to talk about some things with people.

i've been working on a few things as of late, including my own home made pair of waterproof/'plastic' panties for baby play... i have just finished the most important parts of my own pair, after an incident happened to the MkI model i made and was remaking from the old pair.

i decided to make my own plastic panties because any set i end up getting off of the internet dies rather quickly on me and i end up having wasted money by buying them... so i thought maybe it'd be cheaper to make my own...

that's when i discovered that i could use a very amazing fabric that i would have not otherwise thought of, as i was looking through the sales fabrics at JoAnn's... there was a big roll of green pleather!

so i picked up enough for one diaper cover, and used hot glue and elastic bands to make it work... it was okay, but upon washing it once, it came apart... so now in MkII I have decided to use actual stitching (which i loathe doing large amounts of but ah well)...

i just finished the waist, which does not feature any elastic... instead i inserted a chain and padlock! i am currently trapped in a snap diaper with a prefold as extra padding, and have the chain tightly locked around my waist...

i am also working on a set of vinyl/pleather locking mitties for my hands, and hope to have those finished within a week or two. if they turn out, i was thinking of starting an etsy shop to sell some of this stuff, at lower prices than most stores online sell them, but still high enough to make some profit off of each project. i could also do other materials for the mitts than just vinyl and pleather, and could eventually work towards making some diaper covers to go over plastic panties... and if i get truly good enough and manage to get a sewing machine, and learn how to use it... start making baby clothes too!

that's all, sorry for rambling, hope you enjoy my post. <3

if anyone wants pics of mkII prototype locking cover, let me know. i will create a separate topic with pics of everything i'm working on at some point if there's enough interest...
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Dear minakins:)

I can relate to your distaste for stitching, it's so tedious, but I think it's also a perfect discipline for a sissy.  It's a girly task that has productive value.  My first project was a fitted cloth diaper.  There are lots of wonderful sites on the web about learning to sew. 

I can totally relate to the problem with covers.  They just don't last.  I never considered pleather.  I wonder how super glue stands up to washing? 

Sewing by hand is OK but I bet you'll eventually want a sewing machine, especially if you succeed in your pleather covers and want to sell them.  Good luck!

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