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Hiya all

Im in need of a little help if you could please

I am a complete PC newb, ive been looking at filling in my sissy space,
my questions are:
1) What is a blog?
2) how do i add pics, ive signed up to pixprincess but carnt seem to get it to work.

Any help would be great

Chloe x
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Baby Butch

A Blog is anything you choose to write about yourself or a subject you like. It can be one paragraph or how ever long you make it. It gives others something to read that may be of interest.


Go to your Sissy Space and click on Recent Photos. When it opens look on the upper left and click on Add Picture. When the text box opens click in it where is says add message here.


Then look above at the various Icons. Top row, fifth one is Insert Image. Click that and a window opens to paste the webaddress of the picture. Use the fist place on the top of the page to add the web address of your image. I delete the partial web address already there and then paste the entire new one.


If your images are on Pix Princess, click the image you wish to post. The image will appear by itself. Copy then paste the Simple Address to the Sissy Kiss insert image text box that you opened.


It has been 4 years since I opened my Pix Princess account. I do not remember the instructions, but they are clearly explained. Like anything new you must read thru the instructions and follow them.


Best Wishes,

Baby Butch

little Chloe
Thankyou :) better get busy...

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