Life under Barbara's rule
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Things hadn't turned out quite like Chris expected them to.

He thought he'd won the lottery when he met Barbara--tall, blonde, beautiful and strong-willed, she had a force of character that made him tremble in her presence. He fell instantly in love with her but the relationship turned out to be rather one sided. She ordered him around, forcing him to do her bidding with Chris being only too happy to comply. After all, as a nerdy, shy, and generally unpopular sissy, he wasn't about to do anything to jeopardize losing this goddess.

As time went on, she made him do all the housework, while she entertained her friends, making him serve them as her maid. Barbara's friends enjoyed belittling him and making comments on how much he really looked like a female. It was true, he had naturally feminine features with smooth skin and a narrow waistline but it was nevertheless humiliating for him to endure. And it wasn't long before Barbara insisted he grow out his already long hair so she could put it into cute, girlish pigtails.

One day, after dressing him up like a schoolgirl for a night out on the town, he'd finally had enough and he put his foot down, insisting she had no right to treat him this way. Without so much as a discussion to recognize his objections, Barbara responded by pulling him over her lap, flipping his short plaid skirt up, and paddling his pantied bottom with her black oak Spencer paddle. After many tears and promises to obey her, Chris never again defied Barbara.

The next day, Barbara threw out all of Chris's male clothes and insisted he change his name to Chrissie, which better suited his prissy, weak-willed nature.

But his domineering girlfriend still wasn't satisfied with that. She forbade him from regular sex and insisted that he eat her out everyday while he was often forced to go to bed, horny and frustrated. On the rare occasion that she granted him an orgasm, it was when she took him from behind with her mammoth strap-on, forcing him to squeal like a little girl as she wore him out with her thick rubber phallus.

Finally, Barbara told him in no uncertain terms that it was silly for him to continue masquerading anymore as a man. She had a plastic surgeon who was more than willing to give him a set of breasts that would be the envy of all her girlfriends. Chrissie initially balked at the idea but it wasn't too long before he found himself once more over Barbara's firm lap, getting his pretty round bottom paddled with her usual vigor. It was a teary-eyed sissy that made the phone call to get the surgery scheduled...

(Some months later....)

Things more or less settled down after Chrissie became used to his new body. Secretly, he had to admit that he loved his new breasts--they were full and perky and (he recalled with a guilty blush) guys everywhere couldn't take their eyes off him.

And while Barbara wanted for him to retain his male "package", she didn't see any reason to let him make use of it anymore. After placing an overnight order for a CB6000, she kept Chrissie firmly under lock and key.
She still used her strap-on to take out her sexual aggressions on him weekly but now he was forever denied even those humiliating orgasms.

As Chrissie stared down at the last vestige of his manhood, locked securely into a chastity device, he sighed in frustration at life's unfairness...

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i think this is my new favorite story from you
plump and soft
very sweet indeed, thank you so much *HUG*
Mina Silverwind
This story based oicture is one of my favorites by you, and please keep up the fantastic work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
great story. it's one of my favorites
She should put that sissy back in diapers too. Daily enemas might be helpful too.
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