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This is how i basically got into diapers
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Hey im DevilForge and im gonna tell you all about me with a brief summary of my life.

My schooling went like this:
lewiston/auburn: kindergarden - 2nd
Turner: 3rd - 10th
Rumford/Mexico: 1/3 of 11th
ForFairFeild: 1/3 of 11th
Rumford/Mexico: 1/3 of 11th- 12th

Before i was born my mom had to kids the 1st born was my brother Ryan Hartford only half blood. Which later he turned into a 24 yearold douch who dosent care for much except ICP. The 2nd was my sister Bethany Hartford. I never knew her cause she died at the age of 2 cause the babysitter gave her adult asprin. Then i came inot the world later i was named Stephen Cote Jr after my father. Well i turned out into a ABDL in hiding cause i dont have any ABDL friends.

Well when i was 2 my father had left me, my brother, and my mom. Just because he couldnt take it anymore. When he left it ruined my mothers chances of ever going to job corp. So she was stuck raising me and my brother by herself.

When i turned 5 she had met a guy named Mark Jarvis and she had thought he was a nice guy. They had got married and we all moved to a nice place in lewiston. Mark did alot for us in our time of need but later on down the road he turned into an *******. I started school a year later and i didnt make any friends cause no one liked me. While in school i was made fun of and picked on cause who i was until one day a kid named Cody came and sat down with me in lunch and started talking to me.

Little did i know Cody was wearing a diaper as he ate lunch. We had talked through all of lunch and the teachers had saw me and cody talking so they requested cody had a change of home rooms and the principle had allowed it. So now i wasnt lonely i was happy to have my first friend. I had asked my mother if he could stay the night and she said "fine as long as its ok with his mother" so i went over to his house which was ironicaly across the street and asked and his mother said yes.

Well night rolled on pretty quick and it was time for bed my mom had asked cody if he had any pjs and cody nodded. So my mother came over and helped him but didnt realise his pjs was a onsie and a diaper cause cody had bladder problems. I watched as i saw my mom change him and i looked at the diapers. So i woundered what it was like to be in diapers.

Later on i had asked cody what it felt like and he responeded that i felt good. I had got up and asked him if he had extras cause i wanted to try but he just shook his head no telling me he didnt have any spares. I just went back to bed and fell asleep. When mourning rolled on i looked around and found that Cody wasnt here and i had asked my mom were he went my mom just replied he went home.

When i was fully dressed and awake i went to codys house and asked hime why he went home. He just responeded he was home sick so i just waved it off as an understanding. A year later we moved again but this time to a town called Turner. I had spent most my life in Turner. Trust me this is were Mark becomes an *******.

Well when i had started in the primary school in turner it turned out the same way i was made fun of and picked on. Well this went on for about 2 years until i was in 4th grade. I then made a friend his name was Xavier Howard. He wasnt the nicest guy of 4th grade but he was nice to me. We was like brothers more so then me and Ryan.

Well me and Xavier stayed friends and i made new friends on the way. No one picked on me anymore i was happy in school. But when i went home i was told to do alot i was even forced to work from the age of 7. When i did something wrong or disobeyed i was nearly beaten to death by Mark. He had no reguard who he was hitting and when i went to school with bruises i was told to tell them i fell down the stairs or something.

This kept on going for years always being beat and everything. When i went to 5th grade i met a guy named Kyle Williams and well he wore diapers to. So one night i spent it at his house we played play station and had fun. When he went to sleep i had took one of his diapers and put it on. It had felt so good i didnt ever want to be out of one.

So when ever i had the chance i would sleep over his house just to wear diapers. He never knew about it or anything he was clueless. So when i was wearing them i never wet them or anything i just loved the feel of them. But when i had to go home i would take them off anf throw them away when no one was looking. I really never stayed at home cause i was in fear i would be beat again and i ws right i was alway beat when i returned.

Sometimes it would get so bad as to Mark kicking my ribs with steel toe boots and trust me it hurt. Well me having friends in school was great we had stayed togeather though most our years and through all those years i was beat half to death still. Well it was 9th grade and i had stop spending the night at Kyles. I was happy with my friends and i had made more friends and i loved them.

9th grade was the time i had stopped wearing diapers cause i got really hard to hide the fact i liked them. While i was in 9th i had a job on a farm making money, while working for Mark making no money, and in all this time i was going to school. So yeah i had a rough life and none of it changed for a while. No one took pity on the bruises i had on my body or anything so i just went with the lies i told everyone.

I went to Rumford/Mexico cause my mother was done seeing Mark beat me and well my brother was never there cause Mark sent him to limstone for job corp at 16. So as im with my mother living in Rumford/Mexico we was happy and i had made friends quickly at my school. My mom loved my friends cause they were people i fit in with but none of them knew i was a ABDL and i didnt want them to know. Well months later mark was back and i didnt like it. One night Mark got drunk and tried to rape my mother and i was in my room. My mom had told me to stay in my room and i did i didnt like what i was hearing cause to be honest it hurt me.

I really did want to do something about it but i couldnt so i went to bed and fell asleep. Mark was gone the next mourning and my mother was sleeping so i went and checked on her and she didnt look to good. I was worried about her and asked her what she wanted me to do and she told me do nothing. So there on forth i had not cared much about anyone and mymom had me move again with her to get away from Mark. Yes we have been running away from mark our whole lives.

Well my mom had thought if we moved to FortFairFeild we would be safe well she was wrong Mark had come back into our lives in just a few months all because my mom couldnt pay rent. Well the whole time i was up in Fprtfairfeild i had met my dream girl Mary Sullivan and i stole her from her boyfriend Joe Colburn cause she was afraid he would hit her. So me and Mary stayed togeather to this present time. We love eachother very much and i told her i was a ABDL. She just told me that she didnt like diapers and would never wear them ever. Then it struck me and made me feel unsecure so i had quit being a ABDL.

I had stayed that way until i had graduated then when i did graduate i told my mother i was moving and i did move. I had a nice place for awhile and i didnt have a care in the world. One day i went to Rite Aid in rumford and i saw Goodnite diapers i had thought to myself since their isnt any cameras in rite aid i would just steal it and i did. So i went into the rite aid barthroom and put the goodnite on and it felt so good wearing a diaper again. But the problem with putting the diaper on it broke off in a second so i thought to myself i want a diaper. I went out of the bathroom and i found the adult diapers and i grabbed one and went into the bathroom and put it on it had felt so good i wore it home.

When i was at home i wore the diaper the whole night and slept in it. The next mourning i had to go pee and well i thought to myself and i stood up and instantly reliefed myself and it felt nice to do so. Well every night i would go to rite aid and take some diapers without rite aid noticing. I had wore diapers everyday for the whole time i lived in my apartment but i never wore diapers around people in fear they would judge me. This went on for a while till i got a job.

I got a job in poland working at Poland Springs and well it was a easy job but i didnt like it one bit it was basical a lazy mans job that anyone could do for quick money. well i had worked there for several months then quit cause the boss had ticked me off to no end and well i had walked 20 miles just to get home in the beating hot sun. Well i made it and told my mother i had quit and when i was working for poland springs my mom got back with Mark. By now he was afraid of me and didnt even dare hit me.

One night he tried hitting me but i ended up putting him through a wall. So now we dont speak and he left my mom but he still calls her telling her what to do. Well me and my mom moved back to Lewiston and we are happy cause we dont have to deal with Mark. But its now the presnet day and well im back to being a ABDL in hiding the only people that i can trust with this secret life is other ABDLs.

I hope you liked my life and well dont judge me on how i did my auto biography ok thanks.
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