A letter to Amy
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Dear Amy:

Just when you thought Auntie Susan couldn't come up with more things to humiliate my cousin Wm, last night she tells him that she wants him to learn how to sign his name - are you ready for this? - with his butt!

I kid you not, Amy; and it wasn't just a random suggestion either because she then leans down to a box she put on the floor when we came down to dinner and takes out this amazing "thing" which the best I can describe is a huge butt plug with a black marker sticking out of the end. The whole thing must be 2' long, altho a big fat 10" of it is the dildoe part that goes you know where, but seriously how amazing is my Auntie or what?!

Poor Wm's face turned redder than I've ever seen it, Amy, and that's saying a lot the way my Auntie treats him. I mean, there he is in his sissy high chair that already has the big dildoe that's attached to the seat up his ass. On top of that, he's wearing his Thursday sissy outfit which is really adorable but is probably my cousin's most embarassing petticoat set; it's lavendar with tons of frills, a reall high collar that itches his neck perfectly, and it ends like 4" below his sissy titties so his tummy,his little stiffy teapot and that plump round bum of his are totally exposed 24x 7. All of which is matched by pink hose that just comes above his knees and are attached to the longest garters I've ever seen. I mean he is so sissy pretty, Amy but now he's got to learn to write his name in front of us with his bum hole, essentially! Isn't that incredible?

And yes, I know what you are thinking, as usual whenever Auntie comes up with these ideas Wm gets all blubbery and would be pleading us to death if it wasn't for his Suckie that she keeps in his mouth all the time. So there Wm is blinking away all these tears, his eyes bulging with "Please No Auntie!" - which is his standard sentence whenever he's not gagged with his suckie, (which is so selfish and annoying), whichAuntie ignores and goes on to explain where the idea came from and it was as a result of a bet she and her friends at the LHDC came up with to put their Sissys into a competition.

I think Ms. Mason came up with it; she actually saw a demonstration at that LHDC regional meeting she went to last month where this ridiculous sissy had the dildo pen up his fat bum and actually wrote his name on a piece of paper while everyone watched, and Ms. Mason said you could actually read what he wrote. But what was most impressive - and hot, Amy, was watching this naughty sissy boy wiggling and twisting his hips while he spelled out "Sissy Edward Likes to Suk Cock!" (Now there's a revelation for you, huh?! Ha!)

Seriously, Ms. Mason said there wasn't a fempussy in the room that wasn't dripping. From that, Auntie convinced all her friends that they should teach their sissy's to write a paragraph with their butts - which of course they won't be able to do in a month's time she said, which would present an opportunity to spank the heck out of each of their sissys and make the do nasty things to each other before coming back next month and on and on until one of they gets their lines down and he becomes the winner who gets to suck off all the other sissies as his reward!

How brilliant is that, Amy? Have you ever heard of anything like that? ****, I never did. And the best part is that Auntie want's me and my friend Evie to work with my cousin to learn how to write stuff with his bum hole which is going to be so freakin cool! In fact when Auntie announced this I just squealed out I was so happy. I just love humiliating Wm; he punishes so adorabley with that pretty face of his and all that pouting and pleading and stuff like that. But then he really got upset when Auntie said she was going to ask Evie to help me.

Holy crap did he start squriming all over his dildo chair... I thought he was going to cum he was so wiggly! Ha!! But as is her way, Auntie ended that little sissy outburst with a great big slap accross Wm's face and he quieted right down, altho he just blubbed his eyes out over how embarassing it's going to be to have Evie - the wet dream of his sissy life - watching and helping him move his plugged behind around trying to write stuff.

I haven't told Evie yet but Auntie already got her mom's approval so I know she is going to be as thrilled as I am. Maybe even more because as you know Amy, she's only gotten to see Wm spanked over his panties and of course heard all the great stuff Auntie does to Wm from me. But now she's going to see my cousing naked and be able to play with his little teapot and stick her fingers up his bum hole and you just know that when she comes over she is going to be wearing one of her patented, painted on outfits which is going to make poor Wm just crazy and he won't be able to do anything about it!!!

Gosh I love this stuff!! YOu've got to get a sissy boy in your life, Amy. They are so much fun to torment. I pretty much face sit my cousin every afternoon when we come home from school and after he changes into this daily sissy outfit that Auntie has chosen for him - which I supervise. He hates having to put his butt plug in while I watch him and I must tell you I added a little spice to that deal as my own idea.

Auntie makes him use Miss Dorothy's Sissy Pussy Creme 6 which as you know has linement mixed in with it which Wm truley hates. So one day it just came to me to give him a choice. He could either smear the creme all over his butt plug before putting it in or, he could use his own saliva! And before you accuse me of getting soft on him, Miss Strictness, he has to do it in stages; which means he ultimately gets to taste his own bum, which is so nasty cool!

I was so proud of myself, Amy because by the time he's worked it in his mouth then in his butt and then back to his mouth, there's poop on it, Amy, which of course my naughty cousin begged me not to make him suck it clean so I just said fine! If you'd rather have Auntie's creme in your big fat behind Wm, that's what we'll do. But first I made sure to wipe off all his filth right around his nose, and then instead of using Creme 6, I slatthered it with "Miss Dorothy Coolie Hole Punishment Creme" which Auntie uses on Uncle Billy to get his sissy attention, and then I shoved that baby up Wm's butt. Knowing what was coming, I used Duct Tape to make sure he would poop it out because as soon as he felt his insides start to roast, he was going to freak and I was dead right.

Holy Cow did he start whaling, Amy! It was so cool. I had to litterally sit on his back with my knees keeping his arms trapped against his sides and watched while his behind squirmed like crazy against the floor trying to shake off the burning. What a show my cousin was putting on; I teased him about whether he was trying to have sex with the rug he was jerking his fat cheeks up and down and side to side!

Holy Titties was that hot to watch, Amy. I just couldn't resist playing with my pussy and by the time I came I thought I was going to feint! In fact, after about 30 minutes of Wm's hysterical blubbering, Auntie came up to see what was going on and when she saw me on his back, with my fingers in my pussy and the punishment creme tube on the floor next to me, she gave me this grin that said: Very creative Emily, but Uncle Billy's punishment creme is too hot for Wm's little boy bum in the future. And I know she was right. But I'm going to miss riding my cousin's back like that again!

The point is that my plan worked Amy, and now Wm's butt plug can be totally mucked with his poop and he doesn't hesitate to pop it in his mouth and make it all nice and clean and wet. He's not happy of course, but I really do love seeing him feeling so sorry for himself and watching him make all those gagging faces of his when his butt plug is in his mouth, so it's really not that big of a trade off, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, that's it for now sweety. I can't wait until your visit next month. Auntie and I will a real show for you and not just with Wm. She's going to invite some of her friends over every day you are here so you can see how we LHDC babes treat our men folk sissy boys and I promise you, Amy, your pussy is going dehydrate you by the time you are ready to head home.

Love and smooches,
your best friend,
Amy B
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