Kon'nichiwa! ♪
I'm new, so... ^_^ ♪
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Kon'nichiwa! I'm Hiro Kodomo, and I'm new here(duh!)! My hobbies are mainly biking and drawing manga, and my favorite food is... uh... hm...!!! Grilled pork pizza! My daddy makes it for me when I'm a good boy. ♪ It's not japanese food or anything, it's just a specialty of his. I also like eating...

???: *Ahem!*

...!!! I'm here for a reason you know!

???: *sighs*

You see, I'm here to share some stories about myself, for me and my daddy have so great stories to share. That's it, bye-bye!

???: HIRO!!!

FINE! My daddy said I looked "lonely" because I'm always playing by myself, so he recommended some websites for me to hang out on, and I felt like choosing this one... I guess I should tell everyone a little more about myself now, I guess...

I's a naughty abdl punk rocker, and sometimes get spanked for the things I do. I like to cross-dress to make my daddy smile sometime when he feels down. He likes it a lot, and will sometimes hugs and kisses me for it. My daddy is also my boyfriend, in case you didn't know that. His name is Ongakumaru ("Ongaku" means music. ♪) Kagamai. We are also a horny couple, so some of our stories may include... things. Another thing, though we are very open, we will NEEEEVER ever, ever, EEEEVER show pictures of our real self. EVER.

...Well that's all, for now. If you have any questions just ask!

... Bye! ♪

(P.S. if you like a certain animé character(that's a guy.) and want us to draw a diaper on them, or edit it to make it look like a totally different scene... with a character wearing a diaper, experiencing infantism, or, for some reason, having an accident (I've been wanting to do draw that for a while, for some reason...) then ask me and I MIGHT be able to edit the pic, but ONLY if it's a picture from a scene of an animé episode. ♪)

???: *starts snoring*

...Who the HELL are you?!?!
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss and enjoy the sites activities on the "Forums" page.
Hewo Hiro!

Nice to have you here on our site.


*huff* someone else using keyboard ascii codes? I feel less unique XD
It's okay. I still ♥ you.
Welcome! ★
You. Have.
Everything I'd ever need.
You can't offer Me anything.
I am happy here living
My dreams

'cause I am who I want to be
Konnichiwa Hiro~kun >.< Watashi wa Icehaze desu yoroshiku onegai shimasu >.
Glad you could join this wonderful crew here on Sissykiss, I hope you enjoy!
Sissy Jenni
Konnichi-wa!  Welcome to Sissy Kiss!!  
It's great to have another story-teller here. The more the merrier!!   There are so many other fun and useful features here too!!
Sissy Jenni
Kawaii Pi
Ohayou gozaimasu! atashi no namae wa Jess-chan desu. hajimemashite? (btw i'm 1/4 japanese in my bloodline) ^^
 Hugs and kisses from Kawaii Pi! (Aura)
Little sissy boy
hi i'm little sissy boy

Sissy sister to Kawaii Pi and Diapeyboy21
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