All XXX The Kidnapping
A 27 year old CEO goes to a abandoned warehouse to have his family back
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I'll start with an opening paragraph.
The Past three years had been a blur: grief dug a hole deep into Steven's heart. So much that he began dressing in his 19 year old adopted daughters clothes. Wearing her make up and styling his hair and nails so every time he looked in the mirror a brown haired version of his daughter stared back at him. Today was the day he was to meet with the ransom money to get his wife and daughter back. Steven donned a trench coat and hoodie; hiding the black mini skirt, heels and white blouse which held Steven's fake DD cup breasts along with a pink lace corset. once he arrived he threw the bag of money closer to the silhouettes who waited patiently only to reveal that his wife (Louisa) and daughter (Harriet) were enjoying being the gangs sex slaves. Shocked he removed his trench coat and hoodie walking over to the mafia members in defeat.
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More please! I love stories with married men. ;)
Careful. I believe we have a rule here about underage characters in a story....especially 15 year old daughters being used as sex slaves. You may want to either omit that character...or upgrade her age to 21+.

Just trying to protect a new author on the site...
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