An Issue With My Sissy Space?
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Hey all.

A while ago, before the SissyKiss server changed, I remember being able to do things in blogs on My Sissy Space like add pictures, change the font, use bold, italics, underlines, etc, etc. Basically all of the things that we can do here in the forum. However, now I just see a white box to type in, without any of the header bars. Does anyone else have this issue?
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Baby Butch
I just did three Blogs and there is just a white box to type into, without any editing or format tools. There is a place for title and mood. I was able to add my username and intrests by inserting a default block into my blog page. I think picture blocks can be added also? I found nothing reguarding font type, font size, boldface, underline, etc.
Okay. I wonder if Christie can do something about it.
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