PG Introduction, Stories, and Questions from a new Daddy!
Just found out my girlfriend was a baby, and I have some questions and the story about how I became a sissy!
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Hello Sissykiss!

I've been looking around the site for some time now, but this is my first post! I'll be telling you a little bit about myself today, and it will get a little dirty and talk about feminization and such- so, if that's offputting to you or you just plain don't care, then just head on down to the questions section. thanks :)

So, I've been a bit of a sissy for a while (maybe since after high school), but I never really did anything about it except look around the internet for naughty things. I met my girlfriend a few years later in college, and things have been great since then. Our sex life was standard at first, and, of course, I hid my secret from her for a long time, but after about a year into the relationship I started confessing the things I liked. I started off by saying that I may want to experiment with anal (me receiving of course!). It started with fingers, and then one day I finally admitted that I wanted to experiment with a strap on. She was so weirded out and kind of brushed it off. About a week later she said to me "why don't we go pick a strap on up" and I responded, "stop joking" and she assured me that she wasn't. So... it was bought and the inevitable started happening on a fairly regular basis. Then, after months had passed, I finally gained the courage to tell her I wanted to crossdress and thought about wearing her panties often. She really disliked the idea at first... but given a week again... we went out and she bought me all kinds of cute panties, bras, skirts, and stockings to wear! So we've been playing here and there since then, and I love it!

But, after 3 years, I still had one confession to make. I like diapers too! Just a few days ago, I made this confession to her. She laughed at first and didn't understand it... but then something happened that I never expected.... In just a few minutes she said that she really liked the idea, and she wanted to be in diapers! She even asked me to buy her a bottle and pacifier for her to suck on! :D

So, here we are in the present. I need to get some baby supplies, but I have some questions because I've never done this kind of play before!


What is the best brand of adult diapers?
(which are thickest, loudest, and most affordable)
Can they withstand letting loose a full bladder?
How do I change a diaper? (I don't want her to get an infection or anything in her private parts)
Where can I get a pacifier and bottle?

Thanks all! I want this to be a great experience for her, so she will want to do it again and again! If you have any fun ideas for our first baby play, then please feel free to let me know :)

Please let me know if this post would be better suited for a different forum!
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I'm going through the same thing with my girlfriend too! haha I thought I'd never find someone into this stuff.
But start off on ebay. It's usually cheap and a good way to find what you like and don't like. Then, you can shop for some custom clothing you both will love.
Guess we lucked out ;p
Baby Butch
It sounds like you have open communication with your girlfriend, that is great. I bet you were suprised she wanted to wear diapers too. Have fun being adult babies. You don't need much, baby powder, rash cream, and some diapers with plastic pants. Don't forget the Pacifier and Baby Bottle, try a Walmart or Kmart fof some of this stuff.

Does she have any single sisters, he he. : )
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