intelligent room redecoration.
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Allright, im not sure if this post belongs here or not, but i'm sure you'll be interested in this idea. After a few days of thinking I thought of an idea for transforming my room into a little girls room. I have a job to accomadate any expences so I can buy all the supplies I need. What I wanted to do, was to make a full bed including sheets, pillows, comforter, the works, but with disney princeses on them. I had allready bought the pillows and everything else, but I could never have them in the roomfor more than a night. After many days of this, i grew bored and wanted other things to make my room better. My walls were al;lready white, so i bordered the top andbottom with a thick pink border. My mom noticed but I told her that my room had alllways been that way and since anyone rarely came in my room, she beleived me. Afterwards i went to the store and bought five large carebears (and not the small ones, i mean the huge ones that are youre height when you sit down.) It cost alot, but i love them so much
^-^ There was a closet in my room that i put to use, i put up my little pony wallpaper (took FOREVER to find)and set up all of my "clothes" on hangers on a rack. Theres also a baby crib on the other side that was actuallythere when i moved in to the house. I ALLLWAYS keep the closet door locked. Finally I got some small wooden furniture from a garage sale this summer, guess what color they were? duh, pink ^-^

I actually managed to get all of it home when my parents were at work. one is a toy chest, the other was a small dresser for afive year old, im guessing and the last was one of those beuty desks with the mirror and everything ^_^

I was extatic to have my room finished, but when I realised what the true predicament was, i felt sick. After doing all that work and spending all that money, I barely could ever turn my room into the little girl room, in fact I had only don it once. There's no lock on my bedroom door, and the house is an old farm house (doesnt look like one, just looks like a regular neighborhood house) so it was built tilted and my door allways swings open when im gone.

I couldnt have anyone finding out about my secret room, so i could never do anything unless it was night, and even then it took forever to set up.

At last i had an idea. I got my old pillows and comforter and cut the bottoms off, as i did the same with the girls stuff. I sewed them totgethetr, and walla! I could flip the pillows and cover over to look like a girls or a boys bed! I was very proud of myself.

As for the furniture, I brought them out and threw aaway my old furniture. The furniture i had bought at the garage sale was actually small enough, to where I could fit two under my bed and I covered up the pink toy chest with another blanket. I would also hide the carebears in the closet.

Now all I have to do is pull out the furniture, turn over the pillows and comforter, and presto! in about five minutes I'm playing and sleeping in a little girls room and no one will ever know ^_^

I thought that this idea could work for anyone else who wanted to try out this transforming sissy room idea for thereselves.
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Wow, girl that's a lot of work.>cheery< How soon though till you get you're own place and you don't need to hide? 

just a bit longer, im in college
Lol.... I've got my own house but my mom found some things out when she was here for a week...
She doesn't see the big picture though (luckely) but really questioned some things....
Why are there girl cloths in the trash bags in the cabinet, why those bottles and dummies?
those diapers? The bondage gear and locks.....
Good she didn't connect those things in her mind... but yes, loads of sweath....
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