I'm really scared.
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Im 19 and since i was 15 i knew i shouldve been a girl. I told my girlfriend and at first she wasnt so supportive but now she is. She wants me to go out more as a girl but im scared to do so. I went swimming once in a two piece and omg it was amazing to do that. But, after wards one of my friends saw me and almost said sumting if i hadnt of ducked away. Im really scared to try it again. any tips?
Lauren Dickson
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Daddy's Girl
Your true friends will accept you for who you are. And if other people don't like who you are, then forget them! Wear what you want to wear and be yourself. (:
thanks. i know they will....someday :)
Lauren Dickson
You have to be true to yourself. I was and it’s not easy my family didn’t understand. When I was 6 I started to act out as they like to say. I was caught at a neighbors’ house with my older sister and her friend playing dressup (baby girl). Now this would have been no big deal other than I was a boy. Mom didn’t take it very good and let just say that’s another story. I'm a very happy female now and yes my family doesn’t talk to me, and it hurts but its better than living a lie. As far as my AB/DL that’s between me and my Boy Friend. There are lots of help out their if you want it, check for a support group near you.
life is to short to stand in a line for the potty, diaper are for big girls too
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I can appreciate your feelings, though I also think it is wonderful your girlfriend is so encouraging. On the other hand, don't do anything you feel really uncomforable about, unless you genuinely feel you need to challenge yourself. It sounds to me as if your girlfriend has made a genuine effort and is now keen to make up for that time when she didn't accept you ... which is lovely, but don't feel under any obligation to do anything that make you very uneasy.
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Maybe you are just not ready for going out yet and the two of you need to have some inhome dates and playtimes where you can become more comfortable and learn to pass better. Eventually your friends will find out no matter what you do, but by not going out for the time being you can delay that.

And passing in a swim suit is pretty exposing, you would be much better off with your first outings being in a dress or skirt and blouse, something like that imo. I can surely see how you felt uncomfortable.


A young girl's greatest fear isn't monsters, or magical threats from beyond time and space.
No, a young girl's greatest fear overshadows all of those things.

Her greatest fear is to be alone.

(Still your little Guardian Shadow, now just with wings!)
Good luck, try and take things at your own speed though.

There are risks with coming out, regards work especially, depending on what you do.

Also, and I am not trying to discourage you, but some friends won't and never will accept you. Thing is, as you grow as a person those one will have likely drifted out off your life anyway, your true friends will accept, if not straight away, but in the short term scheme of things. True friends never go away, even if you dont see each other for 10 years, when you meet that friendship is always there.

Good luck with what you do, and have lots off fun along the way :) So pleased for you that your GF is supportive, one piece of advice, is make sure you tend to her feelings too. When we are finding ourselves its easy to get caught up and lose something.

Sissy Tammy

I am in the process off re-releasing my pink, lacey side.

My short term aim is to improve wardrobe, figure and attend BBB. Long term, meet some strong men, who like sissy girls, and also, make lots of sissy friends.
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