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 Hi Sissy Kiss website and all you sexy, sissy,baby, xdressin, and all of those who do whatever turns you on.

  I am a panty lover and do dress up frequently. I have been fantasizing about my first experience with my new boyfriend, whom would correct himself into my new girlfriend...
  I was for about 1 year involved with a lady whom was a bit nosy and discovered my secret, then helped me increase my need to be the female in a relationship. I sure miss her and the wonderful manhood I bought and so nervously asked her if she would do me like the guys in the strapon videos. I learned to give head to that rubber cock.
I was addicted to what her dick did. I miss that lifestyle.

 But for now I surf all the sissy porn sites and post about myself here and another site, and just be the my own girlfriend here in my closet.

Hit me up I like to chat with similar intersts or different interests.
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Welcome from Sissy JJ! 
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Baby Butch
Baby Butch welcomes you to Sissy Kiss, check out the forums page for things to do. I hope you are happy here too.
Welcome to Sissykiss!! Have fun with your panty and feminine desires here  
Sissy Jenni
Welcome to SK!! THere's lots to do here, and so many people to meet!! ^_^
Sissy Jenni
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