PG Im new here How is everyone?
Just trying to fit in<3
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Hai , Everyone

: Im new here i jus wanted to say Hai to everyone here<3
whats up here my Introduction :

: Im known as ImKawai which is Japanese for Im *Cute* but your welcome to call me anything you like

My Personality : Im kind , Smart , Thoughtful , Funny , Random , Energetic at times , Im reliable and a Very good friend.

What i look like : im skinny with Green Eyes and really Epic Emo-Black hair , i have a Hair style known as Scene if you have no idea what that is , It makes my look like a Anime character in a way , my hair-stylist cuts my hair in triangles and Ermm hard to explain , Im 5'11 tall and Im very very Attractive i'll show you pics another time i promiss.

What i can do : Im a very Gifted and Talented Singer , Voice-Actor , Artists , Im amazing at video games , I can write Poems , and Write songs , im pretty much good at everything <3

: Belive it or not with my good looks , and Talent im actually still single , I devoted myself to a special sum1 and she ended up breaking my heart
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Anata wa totemo kawaii desuneee! ^_^

I spent a year in Japan and I also love anime and video games! Feel free to click on my profile and friend or message me honey, we have much to talk about!
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I like to play Would You Rather and Dress Up, so come play with me in the games section. ^_^
*Formerly tutu49*
Hello ImKawai and welcome to our site!

Sorry to hear your special some1 broke your heart. Best wishes finding someone who will stay with you.

You're our kind of girl. I look forward to your contributions to SissyKiss and all the beautiful things we do.


hey kawaii! u seem very nice and i would love to chat with u! :D i hope we can begood freinds and i hope u have a awsome time here!
Baby Butch
Welcome to the site and enjoy all the activities.
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