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I'm all shiny and new here, it's my first visit! Normally I'd have a nose around and lurk for a bit, but this place is too irresistible and inviting and I couldn't leave without saying hello...

I'm here because somewhere down the line I found and downloaded the gorgeous ice skating princess picture that ~*Christie Luv*~ has made. It was hidden within the dark recesses of my hard drive, and recently resurfaced as I've just got a new phone (Galaxy S - mmmmm!) and was looking for some nice pics to download onto it. I spotted the Sissykiss.com in the corner, and here I am! ~*Christie Luv*~ I am in total awe of your talent, sweetie! I looooove your work!

So, me in a nutshell - Have been taking hormones for many years, but on a low dosage. Married my chick last year after nine years together! She knows everything there is to know about me. I was working as a waitress in Madame Jojos when we met. She found out about my wearing nappies accidentally, and was really cool about it. She doesn't mind me wearing them whenever I want, which is quite lucky really as I spend more time in nappies than not :o)

I'm extremely lucky in that I'm very convincing, have a gorgeous set of pins, and sweet curly locks. Aside from being six feet tall and 'strong' arms I get away with being a girl quite well... I don't live as a woman anymore, I'm enjoying the best of both worlds these days.

One thing is for sure, I really enjoy exploring the pink and fluffy/white and crinkly side of my life 
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Welcome from Sissy JJ, enjoy SK! 
~ Items ~

Welcome to Sissykiss Babyspiced, I hope you have lots of fun here. By the way, your picture is adorable.  
Courtney Kay
 Omg I'm in love your avatar.
Welcome to SissyKiss! You have definitely fwound Heaven!
Loving Sissy Jamie
Baby Butch
Hello friend, welcome to Sissy Kiss.
Thanks everyone!

I took that photo a while ago, it really made me smile! You can see how this site is heaven for me, I've been living this pink crinkly life for a few years now :o)

I made a video at the same time that I took that pic. When I can be arsed I'll edit it properly and show you girls how I play  

I've always been into nappies (yep, I'm in the UK). I knew from a very early age that I liked them in a 'special' way. However, it's only very recently that I've started enjoying the baby aspect, and completely by accident too! I've been searching the web for ABDL stuff for a while now, but never really took any notice of the AB part until I found the 'waddle nappies' on ebay. Once I'd tried them on it really made me want to explore a bit more...
I only went as far as getting a dummy, I doubt it will go any further than that. Booties, bonnets, and bibs, they just aren't me. Nappies and pink fluffy frilly, now that's totally me! But now at least I understand the whole scene, and look on it all with a fondness in my heart, and like the rest of you I know there is a special little girl who is very happily living her life within me!

So, nappies or diapers? I used to think the word 'diaper' was just wrong. It's hard, when they've always been nappies, to see them as diapers. Those English babes in the videos calling their nappies 'diapers' (when they could remember to) used to make me want to turn the volume down.
These days I quite like the term 'diaper'. It's mainly because I hear and read it so often, but I'm really glad I've come to like it.

But I'll always be wearing a nappy...
Welcome cutie
You can call them whatever you like, there's no set term for them. Diapers, nappies, astronaut pants, pampers, pullups, pottypants...the list goes on.  
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