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So what does it take to be the ideal sissy maid? What attributes and characteristics does an ideal sissy maid have? What are the skills that the sissy maid must be proficient in?
In this post I will give my views on the ideal sissy maid and acknowledge that is simply one sissy maids perspective and would love to know what others think on this subject. Please feel free to to comment and add to the discussion.

Firstly above all else a sissy maid must be obedient. She must strive for perfect obedience in all that she does. It is not enough to just do as she told but she must do her duties to the best of her ability and gives her all in every task. She is passionate about obedience and respects the smallest rules as much as the more important rules. She is willing to move mountains, step out of her comfort zone and do what ever it takes to be obedient.

Secondly a sissy maid must be respectful. This manifests in a myriad of ways. Primarily the sissy maid must always be respectful to her superior. She must never talk back, never use bad language and greet her superior in the way her Superior wants e.g. curtsey. She must also show respect by never talking badly about her Superior behind their back and never touching anything of their Superiors without permission. She must open doors for her superior, pull chairs out and never sit down if her Mistress is standing.

The sissy maid also shows respect in her grooming and dress. Being clean and well groomed is a sure sign of respect. Making sure she is cleanly shaven, washes regularly, her uniform is clean and straight, her stocking tops level, shoes polished and wig brushed are all outward signs of respect to her Superior. The ideal sissy maid is checking her appearance regularly to ensure she maintains the correct standards. The sissy maid also shows respect by having impeccable manners towards not only her Superior but any of her Superiors guests and the public in general.

Third, a sissy maid should ideally be chaste. The control of her sexuality is in the hands of her Superior. She should have learnt to control her carnal thoughts and transfer her sexual energy into serving her Superior. She should never touch her ‘little clitty’ without permission, ogle her Mistress or any other other woman or look at any images that may cause sexual arousal. Through chastity the sissy maid becomes more compliant and subservient and her standard of her work improves markedly.

Fourth, a sissy maid must be feminine and demure. She must embrace her feminine side completely. She must endeavour to talk, walk, dress and think like a woman. An interest in things like make up, sewing and knitting are to be encouraged. She must excel in all manner of housework and cooking. Learning to give a massage or a manicure are skills a good sissy maid should strive to master.

Fifth, the ideal sissy maid should be humble. She must always put the needs of her superior before her own. Humility means listening to her Mistress and taking correction in a spirit of gratitude. Humility means never making assumptions and making sure she asks permission for any changes to her schedule or if she is unsure if something is allowed or not. A humble sissy maid never back chats and only expresses opinions if asked.

Sixth, the sissy maid must be dutiful. She must be focussed on performing all her duties to the best of her ability and on time. She must rise early and work hard all day. The only time she should relax is in her allocated free time if she has any. Otherwise she must keep herself busy and productive in the service of her Superior. The desire to complete all her duties to her Superior’s satisfaction burns strongly in the diligent sissy maid.

I certainly do not see this list as all encompassing and of course every situation is different. I welcome any contributions or additions to this list from Superiors and sissy maids alike.


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