PG 13 Can Hypnosis Cause Bedwetting
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I am considering purchasing and using a hypnosis track that supposedly, over time, induces bedwetting (to be found at  I was wondering whether anyone here has any experience with hypnosis use (in order to cause either nightly or 24/7 wetting) and could share their experiences/advice with me.  Thanks so much :)

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Ah, bedwetting. Such a sweet and delightful topic :)
It helps if you can be reassured your bed is designed for bedwetting. If I were to establish an alternative lifestyle resort for gay - lesbian - bisexual - transgender people, I would arrange for beds, sheets, pillows, mattresses and blankets to be designed for bedwetting. When AB weekends are held, I would provide plenty of liquids for all the baby/toddler girls to drink before going to bed. I would make it a firm rule that there is to be no pooping in the beds, just bedwetting. I would invite all participants to drink all the milk (white or chocolate), Shirley Temples or just plain water they want, and then go to bed without sitting on the throne (unless of course they have to poop).
For those who need help, I would invite those who like to play the role of mommies to enter their rooms, touch a towel or rag wetted with warm water to one hand and a towel wetted wih cold water to the other hand, while playing a recording of a weewee stream flowing, and reciting something like, "Its all right to wet the bed. Your bed is designed for bedwetting. So let it flow. Relax you body and mind and let the warmth and wetness and sweetness and joy flow freely, without inhibitions."
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Just drink lots and lots of juice out of your favorite bottle! You'll be squirming in your little diapee in no time! 
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