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hi sissies :

my question today is when you found your inner baby lol or for some of us our outter baby was it humiliation or punishment? i know for some of us being diapered and forced to wet or mess them is humiliation and punishment for others its enjoyment both well normal and sexual.

For me its normal smiles part of me being submissive and wanting to be taken care of. wearing my diapers and sundresses and all is just a part of me that makes me happy and fulfilled. The only punishment i feel is when daddy makes me sit in a dirty diaper because of my bad behavior or to be punished. i never liked poopy diapers and that was used as a humiliation and punishment for being a naughty girl. But lately its just become well normal after all thats what a diaper is for right giggles. Anyway i am just wondering what is being a baby mean to you and how do you feel about your diapers? Are they just normal wear punishment? humilation or a mix of all the above.   
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I do it because it feels good! (Now I would welcome the humiliation/punishment angle, but I do not have someone to explore that with at this time...and so, I enjoy those fantasies from some of the better authors at this site).

Also, Sweetie, you may want to move this thread over to "Random Chat" rather than "Videos" and you may get some more responses.
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