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I was browsing several areas of this forum a few nights ago while bored and playing Civony. I have not been to this site in over half a year and only occasionally have come here from time to time in the past. Anyways, the main reason I have not signed up here is that I am not a sissy but I am a transgender individual (been out and living full time for about 9 years now). I get nothing sexually from wearing clothing or some of the other stuff ya'll are in to, but I can relate to some of the submissive things you talk about and I am willing to share my inner freak with you. When I was young, I felt older than my age, adults noticed it and treated me as though I were older. However as I have aged, for my whole life, my mental age has never really changed much. I have had a lot of trouble pinning down how old I am, but my best guess is somewhere between 10 and 12. When I was 5 I felt this way, when I was 10 I did and now at 29 I still really percieve myself as a child of that age range. When I transitioned my psychologist that I had to have and didn't need for any trans issues (he himself said this multiple times) he did uncover one of my secrets, only after evaluating a lot of extensive tests, as he put it, "I seemed very innocent and niave." I was able to play it down to my kindness since I was deathly afraid of him uncovering this fact since I had to depend on him for some letters. I didn't really want to talk to HIM about it either. I do wish that he had been the kind of person I could have spoken to about it though. I have really, really tried to grow up. I have tried to see the world through the eyes of an adult. But I cannot. It is impossible.

I have only really truely accepted this fact in the last few months.

Well take care all my beautiful darlings.
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Hello from Sissy JJ! 
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  a Big Warm Welcome here to Sissy Kiss sweetie , THX for sharing your intro dear it,s always nice to have some one to talk too   
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
I appreciate the introduction, dear, and I think you'll find there are others hear who feel much the same way about their age range without being as overtly sissy as others ... not that there is anything wrong with overt sissiness. ;-) At any rate, this is a very wide-ranging place, and I hope you find it much to your liking. ***Hugs and kisses***
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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