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well ... after many months of thinking and talking to my doctor and therapist....
i have discused in depth and detail of my why and what i want to do wiyh my life aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd
im going to go to finally go for it..... yay.
lots of embarrassment and tough questions .
weeelll... i am who i am and this is what i would like to atchive in my life .
im not the only one to do this and there are many many other darlings out there who hide away there feelings and ambitions because life gives you a hard tome.
i find that to be not true.
i find that if you were tall or short.... fat or skinny or with one eye or what ever make for some mindless adolescent take the micky out of you is because life for them is obliviously too dull and nothing significant is becoming of there life to think of something more pleasing or to do something more constructive with them self's to want to put there attention in to you.
basically a stereo type who has the monkey see monkey do attitude to life's rubbish rules.
having one earing for a boy and two for a girl.
if a boy has two ear rings .... they are gay.....
what is it that people have these sayings and have no clue on its origin?
you believe this stuff?
i will never discriminate anyone for theirs.
one earing or two .........boy or girl or the next generation metro sexual third gender......
times are changing and hopefuly..... so am i :)

for the better
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
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