PG how to do a home made diaper?
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hi everybody, i love to fell babyish but i cant buy diapers,i need if someone can tell me how to make a home made diaper or something that fells like a diaper in by little sissy butt please

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I would suggest going for a towelling diaper. Ideally you should be using a terry towel, but ultimately any towel will probably do a similar job (though not as well). You'll need a decent sized towel (ideally square) and some safety pins. Once you've got them all you need to do is look up some cloth diaper folds on the internet and you're good to go.
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 That is what I did long ago and it works. However they did not have computers to go online back then. It is even better if the towel is white.

Another thing that works is a white t-shirt. Lay on the shirt with the neck and sleeves at the top. Pull each sleeve around front and pin it with a diaper or safety pin.

There are ways to fold a towel or other things into a cloth diapee, in fact there are designs for a wonderful fitted cloth diapee available on the net if you can sew (a DEFINITELY sissy activity).  The problem is, they don't contain your wets (or stinkies) from furniture, rugs or your Mommy's lap.

You need a diapee cover!

For a cheap solution, take a large trash bag and cut the bottom corners out, WAY less than your thighs.  Stick your sissy feet in and pull up the trash bag.  The corner holes will expand to make a fairly tight seal around your sissy thighs.  Make a knot around your waist and you have your cloth diapee covered and (maybe, no guarantee) you won't wet the bed.
Wow glad i checked this out there are some great ideas on this thread!
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