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Hello everyone, just joined this site. Bit shy and nervous!!

Hope I can make some friends in here.

I live in Cambridgeshire, UK with my lovely Mummy who looks after me.

I like all things sissy. Very much into Disney Princess. I have just had my room decorated in this way, a proper little girls princess bedroom, something I have yearned for since I was very little!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch.....I haven't got much of a profile yet, but I'll beef it up over the coming weeks and months.

All my love


Mummy's little sissy princess xx
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Hello Katie:

Welcome to Sissykiss. I'm delighted you found us and came aboard. 

So you like all things sissy? Don't we all. I think you'll be happy here.

No matter what my real life problems may be, I never fail to get a thrill when I put on a feminine nylon pantliner (with lace cuffs) under the en homme outer clothes I wear at the office. Its a wonderful feeling, calm and peaceful yet also stimulating. When I get a chance, I'll put on a skirt or dress and do housework while feeling delightfully sissy. Once a week (or every two weeks if I'm busy) I treat myself to complete arm and leg dehairing with Nair when I take a shower. Hair-free arms and hands are delightfully erotic, and pantyhose over hair-free legs combined with high heels and short-shorts (or a short skirt) really unleashes my inner girl!

So I can relate to what a beautiful experience it is for you to sleep every night in a bedroom furnished and decorated in young girl princess style, and wear princess dresses.

I'm happy for you, that you have a supportive and understanding mummy. 

Since you like the Little Girl motiff, you should check out Girltalk ( They'll be glad for you to join them.  

Long may you thrill to the sweetness and joy of Disney Princess dresses and bedroom decor,
Baby Butch
Hi Katie, nice of you to join us here on Sissy Kiss. I am more of a baby than cross dresser but do occasionally dress up. My favorite is leotard and tights as a ballerina. I like a nightgown or onesie as a sissybaby in diapers. Have fun on the site!
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