All R Hi. :) New writer here xD
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I'm a fetishist and a genderfluid girly boy. :)
The reason I joined was mostly to post stories, I do some civilian work as a tech writer and work on some non-kink-related fantasy stuff too, but sometimes it feels cool to write something more on the naughty side.
BTW, I read some stories before joining, and really liked some of Miki Yamuri's stories, especially the earlier ones. Respect. :)

As for my kinks, I'm interested in soft domination, all sorts of transformation, and "forced coming out". :) The 80s had lots of cartoons with a "be yourself" theme, as if the whole world was on a huge coming-out binge. Even the villains were just sad and evil because they suppressed their real feelings. I guess I sort of like that theme. It's just that I never met anyone who was kinky enough and whom I could trust enough to indulge in it, so it's sublimation through and through with me.

Some pics I find cool and a bit on the lines of what my "sissydoll" side is like (from

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Hey, you're good! Welcome to SissyKiss. Thanks for joining!

I wish a little angel would come along and transform me into a Gothic girl :)

Sitting here before the keyboard and monitor in a pink and white patterned skirt and red teeshirt,

Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, we can always use another writer. We also need more readers to comment on the threads. I like the pictures about Jake.
Nice work! Welcome to the group. Jake's a lucky baby girl!

- Sissy Desiree
- Sissy Desiree

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