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I never thought I'd be posting on any forum about this stuff, but today I got my first dideys and I feel a lot braver now, especially since they hold so much and are so comfy and snuggly ^_^

I've experimented with AB/DL stuff for quite a few years, on my own, but now I actually have real dideys for the first time. I'm disappointed that they got delivered too late for me to make the messy I was holding, but I corrected that later with an enema.

I used to look around on sissybecky.com, but that site is sadly no longer up... I came here looking for pics a while back, and was not disappointed... I also read around some stuff and people seemed friendly so I decided to finally post something instead of just hiding like a baby ghost ^_^

So, hi ^.^
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Hello and welcome ferom Sissy JJ! 
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Oooops! 'from' I mean. Panky pank for Sissy JJ's bad spelling! 
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