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Hi everyone!I A tad late introducing myself; I've been spending most of my time since I joined on the storytime forum and didn't catch that this one was here.

Lately I play alot of video games; I always play as a girl. I dress up sometimes(unfortunately, these days I end up looking something like Rosie O'Donnell; not so pretty a picture:( ), and feeling like a girl gives me a kind of contentment and inner peace unlike anything else. .( Plus, it's always turned me on) My favorite fantasies are about being magically changed or being reborn or transformed into a real girl.

Love that this site is here! I used to belong to but didn't really think it was worth the subscription fees. I'm impressed and grateful there's a site like this available for free.
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Every new day we are granted is a gift, a precious gift. But it's usually tube socks or fruitcake or some crap like that,when all you
REALLY wanted was a Malibu Barbie.

"We're alone in a godless universe. Life is meaningless, death is inevitable. But is that necessarily SO depressing ?
"Brendan Fraser, as 'Eliot', in"Bedazzled"

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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, it's nice to meet you. It's nice when things are free, like this site. I managed to make all my cappies with free images from photo galleries.
Jennifer Funshine
Pleased to meet you, Cynthia! How's about some free *huggles* too! :)
You really bring up a good point about the site being free from subscriptions,
plus you can make a wonderful profile and have convos in the chat room.

Sissy Kiss has many lovely features that don't cost a thing
and I'm very glad to welcome you to our fun and frilly family!

I always pick the girl whenever I play video games too.. though it's almost always
a fighting game, nothing is sweeter than looking sexy and kicking butt at the same time!
Hope you continue to have fun, dear.

~ Funshine
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