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Hello,I am Sydney and I am a 36 year old sissy.I have been this way for 3 years years this way.It was a talk that my wife Sonia and I had 3 years ago.She always wanted to see me as a woman and always remembered me dressed as a woman on Halloween several times.I shocked her finally and told her that I always wanted to live as a woman having the desires to do this.It happened a month later and began it.Bought my new clothes and shoes I was going to wear,got my ears pierced including getting my nails and make up done.Wife put my genitals in a chastity device also she purchased.I loved seeing the new me and the next step was discussed.Hormones were discussed and was put on them seeing a therapist and a specialist.I was put on estrogen and male hormone blockers.During this transition,my wife and I felt our marriage was better considering me a woman.We still feel it this way and I love the new me,"Sam" now considered dead.My wife has a few studs in her life and I am involved.I also have a normal 24/7 job which I kept.My family said I was crazy doing this at first and took them time being supportive doing this
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who wears diapers!
Hello Sydney:

I think you'll be very happy here.  Please, feel free to participate. Here,  you can wear your favorite sissy clothes and nobody makes a big deal out of it.  By the say, Sonia is welcome to participate too!

Thanks and we have one room set up,my wife sets up date with curious men and women to get intimate with me.I love it so far.My SRS is set for July.After the SRS is done and I fully recover from it,women only.
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