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Hi everyone ,

I'm "New" even if i have already visited it since few years, and finally here i am !
I'm french,living near of the city light we call Paris
My body is 21 and male , i am metis (caribean/britanny), long black hairs (uncut since 8 years! yes i think this is my strengh like Samson u know, the man in Greek mythologie)
For more precisions about me and me u can come to visit my profile

Even i dream and fantasm about sissy and abdl since my 14 y-o, I haven't yet the occasion to act and express it in real life. But i luv to talk about and exchange on it (mostly virtually)
I luv' stories on the themes because they let imagination do the movie u want, not like sometimes unpleasant pics...bref

So i'm here mainly to make connections with others sissy/sissy curious by tchat and medias exchanges, this could too maybe help me to more assume my kinky fem side with myself (firstly)

In all case, that wonderfull that a website like this exist, to let a non official community prosper and exchange! thanks internet (hard to imagine how sissy must feel alone before internet ! )

Kiss kiss to all or bisous bisous a tous like we say in france.

Oh and sorry for my bad English
[I hope i posted in the right place, if not, sorry to the web admin]
have you seen a grosminet?^
"Enjoy quiclky and in the best way u can, the place will be close in feeew times."
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, a place for sissys and babys around the world, have a great time.
Hello Frioliboy:

Some of us speak English as our primary language, some Spanish, some German. But all of us here on SissyKiss share a common bond in our love of all that is sweet and feminine and joyful.

Having come of age before the internet, I know how it feels to have feminine feelings but no way to make contact with others who have similar feelings. Yes indeed, it is wonderful that websites like Sissykiss exist. Also, I for one will always be grateful to pioneers like Sir Tim Berners-Lee for introducing our great World Wide Web system.

I too, dreamed about what we now call Sissy and ABDL when I was 14 but didn't understand what my feelings were about. I didn't know why I was always fantasizing about short skirts and panties or why I enjoyed the feeling of warmth and wetness when I wet my pajamas or underwear. I was a sissy and a diaper lover but didn't realize it.

So, welcome to our group. I hope you will read us when you have the time, and feel free to participate in any of our discussions. Belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may all good things come your way in 2012!

Peace and Luv,

Welcome to Sissy Kiss, Frioliboy! I'm new here too, but it's been been all good so far. This seems to be a great place to find out about yourself. Hope you have a lovely time here. *fairy hgs and kisses*
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