heya! this is possibly the only fullreal about me i've ever done
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hey girls(and guys? hehehe) my girly names Chelsea, but my boy name is Angus.
i'm from Australia.
little about myself.
i've been dressing and thinking about being girly since i was very young, i can remember getting my mum to buy me Ariel dolls and actually make me a mermaid dress.
at the time i didn't really make any connection, but since about 6 years ago i started to take it more seriously, i was dressing up in my mums and host sisters clothes all the time, had a suitcase full of pretty things.
then i had to move out from my mums house(parents divorced when i was 9ish)
and didn't really get a chance to explore my alter ego for about a year.

but since then my dads house has become a truly exquisite place to find sexy things to wear, my dads partner is/was(?) into some pretty kinky stuff but she's stopped wearing it all so i can basically take what i want without being caught.

eventually i moved back in with mum and had a so much fun with the 2 collections of clothes i now had-one semi-kinky and one normal.
about 3 years ago i became very focused on becoming female i even started to take my dads partners hormone replacement pills- for about 4 months i took them and at the time i had quite nice boobs and soft skin and even my voice was staying higher(i could tell because i sing in a band and i love the band coheed and cambria, their singer is a guy but sings in falsetto).
my mum eventually found out about my desires, just before i was about to tell her.
she got pretty serious about it and did all the research and that, she tried to take me to a therapist but i couldn't do it, all those years bottling up my emotions about the hell of my parents divorce and the fact i felt like i was meant to be female.
i continued with my desires for about 2 months after that, then i just stopped, threw out my of my stuff including what was left of the hormones and a pair of those "no-bra" flesh coloured bra's that i used as falsies.
(i'm still left with a semi girly figure, my boobs have gotten smaller but they still feel wonderful to touch, and my hips are reasonably wide, and of course my hair isn't short but styled in a swept back style which i can easily turn feminine)

i even got a girlfriend for about 6 months but i had problems in that relationship, i didn't feel right, and she turned out to be the spawn of satan, but thats beside the point..hehe 

since then i've been considering the facts and almost come to the conclusion that maybe i'm just more into being girly for myself, and hopefully one day a boy who'll care for me and not be ashamed of me. i really do want to have a boy between my legs making love to me one day.

some other slightly less person facts about my boy side:
i'm a guitarist and vocalist for a band.
i'm pretty interested in building guitars
obsessed with halo 3
sci fi shows (stargate, andromeda ect)
have no passion whatsoever for maths, apart from maths used to calculate chocolate prices
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It sounds an awfully complicated life, but I hope you do soon get to live according to your heart (and find that boy who will care for you ... among other things).   Thank you for the intro, and I hope you find this place very much to your liking. ***Hugs and kisses***      
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
First let me say welcome Chelsea, and thank you for sharing =)

Second while I consider myself a traditionalist in that
I believe love is best when shared between one woman,
and one other woman =P I'm sure the boy of your dreams
is out there! Just give him some time to find you.

 I love the band coheed and cambria  

You really can't go wrong sounding like Geddy Lee. Also I'm sure
you have probably seen it, but Firefly is the best sci fi show I
have ever seen!

Any way enough rambling, welcome to Sissy Kiss hun <3

ps there should be a law against boys getting the girls with Australian accents =(
Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

Welcome! I like your story, even if its not 100% happy. I hope you have a good time here.
Mew, and that's all I have to say on the matter.
Hello welcome to the site! (anyone who like's sci fi is A-ok in my book lol)
  a Big Warm Welcome here to Sissy Kiss , giggles , have FUN sweetie  
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
thanks girls! talking to other people about myself has actually made me alot happier, though i was pretty groovy before despite all the above. i'm good like that.

and CKgirl, i never said i didn't like girls i'd love to be with one too!  
heheh claudio and geddy!! yeah really groovy singers, not too sure if i should be happy with the fact i can sing as low as Ville Valo from HIM though...ahh well  
shame they canceled firefly!!  

Where abouts in australia do you live, i live in australia also
Welcome pretty Australians ^^

I liked your story very much~

 Where abouts in australia do you live, i live in australia also  

i'm in Melbourne, thought thats about all i'm willing to say cause i'm not too sure about the rules here.
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