PG hey im new
how does this place work ?
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i have questions too hentai seriously allowed here ? this site primarily aimed to girls ? or can it be for guys too ? (iam a guy)
3.this is gonna be a perverted question but are there any....girls that are..."kinky" on the sexual side like they dont "mind it" ? lol

but still this site seems kinda nice i guess

note:i may be a guy but iam bisexual
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you.

Yes the site allows Anime and Hentai as long as it is not against site rules.

The site is for anyone who is young at heart, it does seem to have a lot more males.

The third question I can not answer,

Check out the Forums page for things to do.
FIrst, welcome aboard!

Now about your questions:

1. I suppose everything not forbidden is allowed. You can find our rules ("SK Rules") on the menu when you log in.

2. We have all kinds of people here in ye merrie Sissykiss. We have straight and gay and various shades in between. We have transgender, we have adult babies, we have diaper lovers. As for girls as opposed to guys: To tell you the truth, the birth gender of the majority of us on this site is male. But biofemmes (my name for real girls) are welcome, and we may have a few.

3. I'm sure there are kinky ladies out there. Whether they lurk on this site, I don't know. Hey kinky ladies: If you're out there lurking, come out of hiding!

Please, feel free to participate in any of our threads or, start a new thread if you have something groovy to share with us.

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