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Hey just introducing my self
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Hey everyone!

My name is tranz I'm new here. I've been on the site a lot over the past couple years but never opened an account till now.
Anyway I'm really big into rping so if anyone is into that sort of thing please feel free to hit me up on yahoo messenger

My sn is [email][/email]
I'm into
Feminization, tights/pantyhose, stuck in a costume, stuck, masking, slightly into diapers, adult baby to a degree, furry
But generally I'm open to most things
I'm normally submissive but I do switch for my friends ^.~
Anyway if you want to rp and have a yahoo account don't bother to pm me just hit me up on yahoo.
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Hi and welcome! I think a lot more people browse than ever post... I browsed forever before posting so I get what you mean, so good job taking the next step!

I like roleplaying too from time to time so I might get an Yahoo later to take you up on that standing offer... >;3
But for now I'm just popping in to say "welcome" from another fairly new member! ~<3

Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you.
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Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a sissy baby girl in diapers. You might want to look around at the forums and see what looks interesting.
- Sissy Desiree

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