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Hewwo Sissykiss. I have been here several times but now i think im finaly ready to be a member. First off lets do this.
I Michael do swear on the pink pixie hearts of sissies everywhere that I will be true to the values, ideals and spirit of Sissy Kiss, that I will strive to be the best I can be, help others and forever be proud that I am a sissy.

I vow to be true to myself and love the sweet little girl I know I am inside. I vow to smile at least once a day and to have lots and lots of sissy FUN!

Not too much about me. I am a transgender which means im a girl in a boys body. How ever me is too scared to go through with gender reasignment sergery so I guess i could call myself a sissy. I am also AB/DL which means i love to be diapered and pampered.

It took me a loong time to finaly accept myself for what i am. Growing up i always felt "diffrent" but it wasnt till puberty that things really got weird for me. As i developed my mind was going one way and my body was going the wrong way. With socity pushing me in the direction that my body was heading i felt trapped, alone, and had no where to go for help. Toss the AB/DL on top of that and i really felt like a freak. I took me forever to figure out what i was. I figured out the AB/DL part 1st though im still not 100% as to how much i am AB and how much i am DL. It wasnt long after i started to find AB/DL sites that i learned of the existance of sissys. At first i ran away refusing to even look at the content. I was ashamed and felt guilty of the feelings i was feeling. It took me years to come to tearms with what i was feeling. At first i thought i was a simple sissy if there is such a thing. But deep down i felt more. It wasnt till about a year ago from today that i finialy accepted the fact that i was actully a woman.

The main drive for me to join the Sissy kiss comunity is the hopes to find the love of my life. I am sooo ready to find a life long partner who will make me feel right for the 1st time in my life.
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Baby Butch
You have posted a very personal introduction, best wishes with it all and welcome to Sissy Kiss. I am an adult baby with a bit of a female side too.
Dear Moptop 311:

Hewo in the best Baby tradition, with curtsies and flounces and swishes in the best Little Girl tradition too. I'm into the latter. But I also like to wear diapers (nappies).

Here, you don't have to be ashamed to feel like a girl trapped in a boys body. Lots of us here have those feelings. A lot of us too, couldn't understand what our feeling were about when we were in our childhood and adolescence.

What I love about sites like this is, when I log on I can leave the world of the rough and masculine behind and become the sweet, refined, feminine young Prissie of my dreams.

Best wishes connecting with others here in our Sissy community. May the upcoming new year bring you peace, love, happiness and success!


Thank you soo much for the warm welcome! It is soo nice to be amoung others like me who understand and feel the same as I do... now if me can just get my profile completed me be a happy baby girl
Welcome from Sissy JJ too!
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welcome to sissykiss if you want friend me id love to chat more.
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