Henry Darger!
at American Folk Art Museum
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 Some sissies pwobably know Henry Darger alweady. I don't know if he knew what sissies were. But his artwork seems made for sissies.

I did not know him until today.

The American Folk Art Museum in New York City is now having a nice exhibit of him.

The website says that the exhibit opens on Apwil 6th, but I went today, and the exhibit was open!

I went to the museum just cause I wike the museum. And they happened to have Henry Darger.

I never have heard of him before today. The exhibit begins wif newspaper cutout art pieces wike Joseph Cornell might make. Then you get to some coloring pages fwom coloring books. And then...

You get to Henwy Darger's big dwawings! That he made himself!

And, maybe it's just the cappie reader in me, but the dwawings seem vewwy much like sissification stowies.

There are two big ones -- they are vewwy long, maybe fifteen feet -- and they show girls in 1950's or so style dwesses, or not in dwesses sometimes. Sometimes they are naked.

The girls that are naked sometimes have boy parts instead of girls parts. They are futa girls! But I don't think Henwy Darger knew the word futanari.

The girls and futa girls are, I think, called the Vivian Girls. That is a cute name. The Vivian Girls come fwom a pwanet called Abbieania. That is a cute name, too. Abbie sounds like an abbweviation for "adult baby" to me.

The girls are in big, fancy houses. They are doing all kinds of things. Some are dancing. Some pway on a seesaw. Some are doing acwobatics.

If you see the way the stowies go in the dwawings, it looks wike the boys get turned into girls!

It wooks wike the boys get lured into the houses, and then they dwink a special soda or eat a bowl of special food. That turns them into girls, or futa girls.

The futa girls are vewwy supwised! They twy to run away. But then it wooks wike later on, they are happy as girls. Plus, at the vewwy end of one dwawing, there are two girls at a table, handing out bwand new, big, fwuffy panties to the new girls!

I'm pwetty sure this is the stowy, or if not, I'm reading cappies at the art museum.

Also in the house are girls and futa girls who have ram horns and butterfly wings. Then are called, I think, Blengins.

Also in the exhibit are two bigger dwawings. They are scary and they show a war.

The war is between adult men who are cowboys and soldiers and the girls and futa girls. The girls and futa girls used to be slaves. But now they wevolt!

The men tie up the girls. They beat them up, they even stwangle some of them. It is scawwy and sad.

Then! On the second dwawing, the Blengins, who are also girls and futa girls, come defeat all of the cowboys and soldiers! The girls are fweed! And they are safe and happy.

And there is one wittle futa girl who is so afwaid, even when she is safe, that a Blengin girl calls her "Miss Timid Heart!"

I guess the dwawings, at least the war dwawings, come fwom a book that Henwy Darger wote called In the Realms of the Unreal.

I don't know if it's easy to find, because it's 15,000 pages wong!

I guess not many people at the museum today wiked the dwawings because the dwawings showed naked girls and futa girls. But I think it is a fantasy about being a girl. And it is a fantasy about being innocent again.

I specially think the war scenes are about America in some way. It is not just girls and futa girls. But I think it is America's history. But I am not smart enough to expwain what I mean.

If you see the newspaper art pieces first, it makes you understand. The newspaper art shows vewwy gwamouwous girls and then it shows vewwy poor childwen, in the same piece of art. It shows the mix of gwamour and suffering.

But I think it is twying to make less suffewing, wike you can magically make wittle child suffer less if you can give some of the gwamour to the child. It is wike a magic spell.

I don't know much about Henwy Darger other than what I wead just a few minutes ago on Wikipedia. But it sounds wike he wanted to pwotect childwen and he was vewwy sowwy for their pain in wife.

He was borned in 1892 and then he passed away in 1973. He wived in Chicago. He was in an orphanage for a while. I think he was in a mental asylum for a while, too.

Then he was out of the asylum and he was and adult. His job was a custodian. And he made all this art and put it all over his house. But nobody knew who he was.

Now he is famous and he is called an Outsider Artist. And the American Folk Art Museum made a study center for his work in 2000. And if you want some of his art work, you have to pay $80,000!

And there are pwaces that always have his artwork, expecially in New York and Chicago. So you don't just have to see this one exhibit. But it is a good exhibit.

So I guess if you are a sissy in the city, or if you are coming here any time soon, maybe you can see this exhibit!

It is going until the middle of September. 
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I think their website may be out of date, the exhibition was on in September of last year too.

Darger was at best a very strange man but his pictures are certainly worth looking at, though there is something disconcerting about them like nothing else.
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