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How does one send a private message? Before, if you put the cursor on someone's name it would ask if you want to send a private message to that person, if you want to go to that person's sissy page, or see that person's posts. Now if doesn't say anything about sending a private message. When I go to my private messages, it looks as if the last two messages that I sent before the upgrade was sent back to myself. Was there some kind of glitch that those last two messages never made it to who I sent it to? Did it come back to me? Do I re-send them, how? Because I don't see a way to send them. Only to open them and read them.
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Baby Butch

Private messages appears to have changed. Click on Private Messages and a page will open. Messages sent during the upgrade may not be there. A copy of your sent messages appears on the page.

I get a page where I can write a message but there is no send button at the bottom. Is there something I can do?
Baby Butch
Click on the text box and write your message. The Send button should appear after you write something. A recent problem reguarding that was just fixed. I could not send messages for several days.
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