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PG 13 Help staying limp and tucking
Need help
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Hello again! I've had some great help from people on here ~ whom I thank very much! *kisses* However, I still need help training my sissy clitty to stay limp all the time and tucking my testes into their inguinal canals, where they belong! Please help me :)  love you all *giggles*
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Hi Littllesissysweetie,

If you're into hypnosis, there's a Blogger account that specializes in sissy training hypnosis files. One of them happens to be focused on keeping your 
sissy clitty to stay limp 24/7, titled "Training Loop 1: Limp Clitty Training". The voices and sounds are digitally created, yet they sound very realistic. It is a feminine voice, so if you are looking for a "mistress" she'll probably be perfect for you  

Here's the download link:

And there are all to of other hypnosis files for sissy's on Warp my Mind.
Only thing you have to do is make acccoubt there (it is free) and look throught the free hypnosis files. (Files of Goddes Gracie are also there).

I hope this helps and too here from you how your training goes.
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