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Iv come out to all of my close friends who are girls and they wewre all for it but im afraid of telling my dad. Hes a bit eadgy and a very cross man. for so reason him and i have always had chips on our shoulders when it can to speaking with eachother. I want to tell him but i dont know how to. Please help me. Nya
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In what way have you come out to your friends? If it is a case of being transgendered and you want to be a girl then there would be a need to tell your father, however if it a case of dressing up etc then do you really need to tell him? Think very hard about telling him because once you tell him you cannot go back. If you need to tell him, my advise would be to get some written information that he can read, explain that what you do is not wrong, don't ever make out there is something wrong with you. Be calm and understand that he may not understand at first, be aware of his feelings, it is a big step for many people to take on either side. You could always gage his reaction first by dropping the topic into conversation. Hope this helps x


well i am looking to become a real girl. and thank you for your advice.
ooh your looking to become a real girl ? stick with it and give it your all your on to something sweet go with what you realy want in life your dreams will come true and if not you cant say you did not try ....we all need a plain and follow are dreams.
I understand how u feel i recently told my dad that i wana be a girl and hes a military man born and raised in the south. When I told him he was a bit angry and even now he hopes I will reconsider but I will tell you this its the best feeling in the worl once you get past telling him because there are no secrets in your life to hold you back so even if he rejects you you will still have your friends and the people on this site to help you so dont have any regrets kay hope I helped.
All we want in life is someone to cuddle, a skirt, and a clean diaper. (oh wait that's just me *giggles*)
it won't be easy, but i think it would be best to tell. Any number of things could happen. It will be difficult any way it goes, but either nothing will change, you will become closer afterward, or worse, you could stop talking to each other all together. If that were to happen, then he's not worthy of you, and you still have your true friends that honestly care about you. But do not expect the worst for there's a slim chance of the worst.
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