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I hope I posted this in the right place :/. I was looking at hypno vids not too long ago and found one that I feel actually worked. I lost the link though and was hoping if anyone has seen this; if they could send me the link.

It was a cartoon kinda like Disney style but a little different. its a boy, a girl, and some lady. the boy wanted to be a princess really bad. the girl reminds him he cant be one because hes a boy. he says "ill never be happy unless I can be a princess. then some old witch comes along with "sissy powder" and the lady does something to the witch to make he drop it on the boy who then becomes a princess. its in some other language and is subbed (might not be some other language might just be part of the hypno.)

Anyways if you know what I am talking about you would make me the happiest girl ever if you could link me to that.
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