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im just wondering how other sissies like me learned how to use their diapers with out trying. last night was the first time i didnt wake up and have to move right to well mess my diaper. does anyone have advice on how i can do this all the time when diapered. i really want it to just happen and not be forced or a consious thing 

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It sounds like you're on the right track already -- you just have to change your habits, and to do that you only have to do things in the new way enough times that you get used to the new way. You will have to consciously use your diaper for a while, but in time it will become your new habit.

It would be easier to do if you weren't trying to limit it to when you were diapered, but it can probably be done this way too. Just mentally remind yourself, every time you put on a diaper, that it's OK to use it, and imagine yourself using it. Over time you won't have to consciously remind yourself of this. And when you take your diaper off, mentally remind yourself that you will need to use the potty now, and imagine that.

This is very mild self-hypnosis -- deeper hypnosis would probably have a faster effect, but to get it just right you'd have to probably visit a professional hypnotist, which would cost money, and you'd have to tell him/her what you wanted, which might be too embarrassing. I don't know. But without going to that length, you can retrain your habits just as you retrain them for anything else, like touch typing or riding a bicycle, by doing things the new way and establishing a new pattern. What's more, it's harmless and easy enough to reverse if you don't like it.
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thanks  ( thanks again and i hope i can have another night like last night smiles
I have liked them for a long time but ive never thought about un-potty training myself sounds like i would like it peeing in a diaper instead of having to run to the bathroom every time i have to pee and i wake up alot at night to pee alot if i was unpotty trained i could just go in a diaper that would be nice.But im not sure about the pooping in a diaper because that is messy.Well i do wanna start peeing in diapers full time no more peeing in the bathroom for even in my sleep i wanna wet my diaper every night can anyone give me any advice on how to unpotty train myself so i can just go pee in diapers or once i unpotty train myself that means i will be pooping in my diapers to ???
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