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i want to come out and tell somepeople. What is the best way to do it? If you have any ways plz let me know!
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I find that if it must be done, then straight forward and upfront is the best path to take. Friends (the real kind) are quite the open minded types. Moreso with you than with a stranger. (See already your one up on the next shmoe). As i was saying, when and if i tell someone i just tell em. The first time was super uncomfortable, but suprisingly (at the time) the person/people didnt care at all. Now i didnt just up and tell them for no reason. Never give out info that isnt asked for, or in need of giving. No reason to put your friends/family through a situation that could be just as uncomfortable for them as it is for you. (the whole do unto others thing (thats as x-tian as i get, kinda like x-mas   ) Anyways, if its a valid reason however, then just go in guns a blazin, or ruffles a swishin in this case.

Thats the best advice i can think of to give, and as for what a 'valid' case is. Only you can decide that. And I will tell you this, it has been my experience that while the reactions have never been negative towards me, when ive told someone. I ALWAYS get that sinking feeling in the pit o stomach when the time comes to discuss 'dessert talk'

Anyway, I hope i was of some use to ya, and good luck with the task at hand.
it's really important that your prepared with what you want to tell them. I wold avoid big terms that need long definitions.
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