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Simply a sissy who would love your help in becoming a better sissy herself :)
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Hello all!

I am fairly new to this, and as such, feel that I should introduce myself on here, as well as ask for your help with my plans :).

First off, my name is Cathy! I am most certainly a sissy.

I've received a series of Sissy Assignments. I don't know what each assignment contains until the day I am to complete it. These will help me to become a better sissy. I am to write reports on each assignment and submit them to anyone for grading and comments. I would love to get a gang of girlies on here to judge my tasks!

I don't expect many people to respond, I know I'm new here, but any interest, help, or advice will be really appreciated!

Hugs and kisses,

Sissy Cathy

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