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Hello everyone, 

my name is tabby and my mommy says im 3 but someyimes she lets me be older like 5.. 

im super lucky because my mommy lets me be little and pretty alot through the week!

When im not being little im abit boring I guess I go to work and be with my wife though shes quick to call me silly for pretending nursery is work!
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Baby Butch

Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby!


My girls name is either Beth or Tabitha.


I occasionally use the nickname Tabby in a role play.


I hope you enjoy the site and make new friends.


Baby Butch : )



Hello Tabby I'm Prissie and I'd like to welcome you to our group. Right now I feel pretty too, wearing a wrap-around flower pattern dress with buttons down the front and ruffled pink panties underneath.


I hope you'll enjoy participating in our forums.


Curtsies and flounces and swishes in the best Little Girl tradition,



Id really like to start making cap's and stories but not sure how, is there a link explaining how? 

Baby Butch

If you click on Storytime forum and go to page 1 there are links at the top of the page called "stickies" that explain about writing stories.


Cappies does not appear to have instructions. You start by opening an account like Pix Princess to upload your images to. Once there you will find instructions on how to download pictures to this site by pasting the web address.


You will need some type of program on your computer to insert the images and caption them. On my computer it's called Paint Program. Good luck!


Baby Butch : )

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