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Hi everyone :)

I stumbled upon this site a little while ago but just decided to make my account today. It's a very pretty site and I can see why so many good girls like to come here and giggle with their little friends.

Hopefully some of you will have already heard of me, but for those who haven't, I make brainwashing and hypnosis files specifically aimed towards true pathological sissies who will always be soft little girly girls with no hope of ever becoming men. My files help sissies accept themselves for who they are and allow them to truly love being their limp adorable little selves if they ever had difficulties accepting their nature in the past.

My files don't overtly deal with ageplay or adult baby themes, though you may enjoy the way I talk down to you like you were just a little girl being addressed by her Mommy. I like to make you feel soft and tiny, and no sweetie I'm not talking about your little clitty. Many sissies find themselves giggling uncontrollably whenever they speak to me or listen to my files and it's very possible that you'll experience this strange phenomenon yourself princess.

I am considering branching off into some age regression files (which would adult babygirl/little girl only as adult baby boy isn't something that interests me personally!) at some stage in the future and thought it would be good to talk to some sissy babies and sissy little girls and get to know how their little minds work before I potentially start working on those types of files.

I'm looking forward to connecting with all the nice girls here. I always treat sissies very nicely as long as they behave correctly. Naughty sissies get sent to a dark scary room and spanked on their bottoms until they cry and promise to always behave. Just joking of course, but you get the idea sweetie :)

I have a blog too but not sure if it's okay to post links like that here? I'm not here to spam or anything so don't worry about that :)

Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
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Hi there Godess
Welcome to sissykiss! Look forward to hear more about your work

Hugs from little_sara
Its all about the humiliation
Welcome, Goddess.

Sounds rather interesting in what you do. Like litle_sara, I'd love to here more about your work in the future.
You girls can have your pink. Dress this boi in yellow!
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Aww, thanks sweethearts :)

If you are interested you can look at my blog (goddessgracielovesyou - on blogspot) and there will be links to my hypnosis and brainwashing files there!

Big warm cuddles :)

Goddess Gracie xx
Baby Butch
  Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby.  

Hi Goddess Gracie! Welcome to sissykiss! I have just visited your blog and it looks very interesting. I will definitely read it in detail. Kisses!
Thank you Baby Butch and Vane :)

I am glad you like the blog sweetie, be sure to listen to my files sometime, almost all of them are free!

I think some of the sissies here would benefit from my limp clitty training loop in particular.
I take great pleasure in replacing those uncomfortable hard clitties with soft warm fuzzies that just feel so much more feminine and pretty.

There is a post on my blog about the aforementioned brainwashing loop and that post will direct you to the free download link.

Good girls like to listen for at least 30 minutes at a time, at least twice a day for as long as it takes to achieve permanent softness in their little wee-wees.

And remember: No touching your clitty if it gets hard, under any circumstances! Warm spurties feel so much nicer for a sissy when she is soft and girly 24/7 :)

Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
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