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Just trying to make new friends :3
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Hello, my name is Tay (My nickname). I'm 21 and single.

I've known about this forum for quite awhile, but never bothered to register and post, but here I am, doing it! :D

As for me, I am a diaper lover. If you look at my profile, I don't have Adult Baby checked. That's because I am still curious about it. I've tried a few things relating to Adult Baby things, but still not exactly sure if I want to call myself one or not.

I am one of those who don't have access to diapers very often since I still live with my mom. So when I can I go buy Goodnites or Underjams. I've bought one sample of Bambino diapers, but like I said, that's pretty much a rare treat. I am the type that wants to try new diapers, but am always hesitant to at the same type.

As for my life outside of diapers, I compose my own music. I've been playing piano for over 12 years and I've been composing for around 7 years (maybe). I've written 9 compositions so far, and still going strong.

But why did I join this forum? So I can meet new AB/DL's and become friends with them. This is my first time really reaching out to a community about this type of thing, but I have good hopes in it :3

That's really all of me, besides the type of items I've got (bottles, footed pajama's, ect.)

So...who wants to be my friend? :P
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Baby Butch
Looks like I will be the first one to greet you. Hello Tay, welcome to Sissy Kiss. I am a big baby who likes to wear diapers. Congratulations on your musical talent composing piano songs. Have a great day!

Friend Baby Butch : )
Little Bo Peep
Welcome to Sissykiss Tay

I hope you find the friendships here you seek, and have fun whilst doing so.

Little Bo Peep
Fancy Free & Frilly
Not following the sheep


Another musical sissy, welcome to SK!
~ Items ~

Dear Tay:

Very willingly will I be your friend. May you find many more here on ye merrie Sissy Kiss.

I like diapers too. On many a morning I'll put on a Depends Maximum Absorbency Pull Up Underwear for Women (I LOVE the pink color), squat down in the bathtub, and get it delightfully warm and wet. Its a delicious feeling!

Best wishes getting a place of your own, where your mother won't be watching you constantly.

That you compose music and are into piano, shows once again the talent we have here in our transgender community. I was into guitar during my teens, but haven't had time for that lately. Best wishes with your musical activities!

We have a variety of forms of transgender expression here. I identify as a young 8 year old girl who like to wear pretty dresses with panties underneath. Although sometimes, as I said above, I like diapers. I have two dolls named Aurora and Kiki that I keep by my bedside.

So, welcome to our site. I look forward to your contributions to what we're about.


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